Offf Festival 2013

Offf Festival Barcelona 2013

A couple of weeks ago I attended the OFFF Festival in Barcelona with a couple of cool pale skinned hipsters from London and Nottingham. With a crew of all designers we all spent three days listening to some of the best talent in the Industry.

This was the mega queue at the beginning of the event..

Some of the most inspiring talks I attended were from Mcbess, Jessica Walsh, Cake, Vault 49, Plenty.tv, James White, Laura Meseguer and my all time favourite Gmunk.

Here are some of the shots I got while at the event:

Plenty.tv showed off their craft and how complex their projects are.

Gmunk totally killed it by telling us about projects he has been working on such as Tron and the user interface design for Oblivion, plus a whole load of other personal work which blew the crowd away.

This is Laura Meseguer who talked to us about her typography and the art and process behind her work. Really interesting.

I snapped a few qoutes from presentations people gave.

Did this doodle based on a quote from Jessica Walsh’s grandad:

Outside the main building was this cool interactive sound installation, I took full opportunity to show off my beat boxing skills:

Skated down to the beach and watched some surfers. Barcelona is really beautiful city, I would definitely say it would be a cool place to live and work, if only I could speak Spanish…

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