Making a table at Black Horse road studios

I recently moved to Walthamstow and discovered Black Horse Road Studios, an open workshop space where you can get back your DT skills that you left behind at school years and years ago!

For seven weeks on a Tuesday evening, 17.5 hours in total I came out with something I made with my own hands! A table, that I could practically stand on or just put my morning brew on! Thanks to my friend Ed who persuaded me to join the Advanced course, skipping the beginners as I claimed that my Dad was a carpenter and that I had mad DT skills already, which was lie!

We given technical drawings of how the table was going to be and week by week we used a variety of tools such as Mortise drill, Router, Chisels and more.




The-legsThe teacher of the group was called Ben O’Mahony, who’s profession was a Cabinet Maker! He taught us really well and relaxed vibe made easy learning!


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 15.19.00

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