Mitsubishi shogun model

At Christmas I modelled this Mitsubishi Shogun/ Took some macro photos when it was a frosty day and got this really cool shot. Comped my little Shogun into this icey scene.

Here’s the breakdown of how I made it:


I discovered this free app called Folioscope recently and since then, I have been addicted to making these very unpolished but fun animations. It’s just a great way to do something so carefree and just enjoy developing ideas through the process of animation. The app is very intuitive and provides a simple interface that most could get their heads around, It would appeal to all ages. Most of all, I love the natural feel it gives using more traditional techniques of frame by frame.





Little comedy piece I made about my friend changing my name from Nikoosimaitak to Nikapeasofblutak at school.

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