In July 2017 we visited the Fjords in Norway. We flew into Bergen and then went to Forde. We hiked a steep mountain there called Hafstadkleiva. Then we went to Askvoll and took a small ferry to another Fjord that didn’t have a name. There we spent a few days hiking, fishing and exploring the area.

Most of the scenes were shot on a Gopro and for one part, I managed to get some Drone footage kindly provided by http://www.carlosquilesfoto.com

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage is widely recognised as the environmental charity that helped significantly improve bathing water quality standards right around the UK. I was introduced to Andy Cummins (Campaigns Director) and Hugo Tagholm at S.A.S by a good friend of mine Emily Degroot. We discussed doing a campaign that would raise awareness to get people to sign the ‘Protect our waves’ petition. It just so happened that Valentines day was coming up and therefore created a perfect opportunity to do something based around Love and the Ocean.

Being a surfer myself and having a lot respect for the ocean, I jumped at the opportunity to help out. I created a couple of concepts, some that utilised my illustration work and others that incorporated photography and Typography. In the end we all felt that the photographic routes worked the best and aligned with their brand identity the most. I used a variation of fonts, some font being hand created to highlight certain sentences.

These were then shared through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook with this message: ‘This Valentine’s day, why not shun Hallmark’s commercial demands and simply send your significant other, flirtatious friends and even your bromance one of our free Protect Our Waves petition Valentine E-cards remainders’.

The results

The E-card’s went down a storm with hundreds of people sharing them to their friends, loved ones and bro’s on twitter and Facebook. The protest gained almost 800 signatures in one day and raised a huge awareness for the campaign, it was a great success.


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