15-Second film Competition

Samsung were holding a competition for anyone to create a 15 Second film and the winners would get their film shown on the digital billboard at Picadilly Circus. The challenge was to create a 15 second film and publish it with a hashtag on Instagram.

I sat in a pub with my house mates and we came up with a few ideas. I wrote a short 15 second poem / sentence and we bounced around ideas on how to produce it.

One sunday morning we all woke up, had a cuppa, went out of the house and chose 15 different spots around Hackney to film. After the tenth, everyone got a little tired and a bit peckish but we pushed on till 15 shots were done.

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 21.55.12

I then spent the whole afternoon editing the shot’s and compositing the words into the scenes. We then uploaded it to Instagram and put the hashtag #15Secondfilms

A few weeks later I received a phone call to say we had been selected as a winner of the competition. I was really happy to know that we had won. We got invited to a hotel in Piccadilly circus and were greeted with Champagne. We then got taken to another floor where we all got to see our movie projected on one of the huge digital billboards at Piccadilly. It was quite  a surreal moment but at the same time really cool to see your work projected that big.

winner of the 15 Second Film award, Leon Nikoosimaitak

I think the concept was a great idea and I have a lot of respect for Samsung, the client who allowed the general public to have a slot on the big screen. Thanks

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